Day 160: 7th Annual St. Mary’s National Lawnmower Races August 5th-6th, 2011

On more than one occasion I have overheard casual comments about “rednecks” in Southern Maryland. Typically the comment involves a Jeff Foxworthy joke or some such crack, but there’s a lot to be said about living in an area with rednecks.  After all, without them, we would never have entertainment like this!

You’ve probably heard about lawnmower racing, but have you ever seen it in person?  It’s pretty awesome.  Think of it as stock car racing for people who can’t afford real race cars.  Everyone loves to go fast, so lawnmower racers turn the tools of their weekend chores into hot-rod racers on the cheap.

It’s been an event down here for some time now, and on August 5th-6th Bowles Farm will be holding the 7th annual St. Mary’s National Lawnmower Races.  Other Activities During This Event include a Children’s play area, Kiddy Tractor Pull, John Deere Toy Display, K-9 Demonstrations, etc.  The event costs $8 per person and kids under 8 get in free.  Gates open at 5pm on Friday, August 5th and 2pm on Saturday August 6th.

I don’t care how “redneck” lawnmower racing seems;  I’m going to be there for the event.  If I owned a riding mower I’d even enter the races!  Speaking of, anyone out there have a riding mower I can borrow that weekend?

(image courtesy of tylerkaraszewski via Flickr cc)


22880 Budd’s Creek Road (Route 234), Clements, MD 20624




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