Day 220: Souper Tuesday at College of Southern Maryland La Plata Campus 3/6/12

Join the College of Southern Maryland on Tuesday, March 6 2012 for Souper Tuesday.  The event will benefit the American Cancer Society and the LaPlata Relay for Life team.

In the state of Maryland so far in 2012, there are 31,000 new cancer cases excluding cases of basal and squamous cell skin cancer.  In the entire US there are over 1,638,910 new cancer cases for the year.  This astounding number should tell you that we need to work harder to find a cure, to help others get stronger and keep hope that one day we will beat cancer.

Relay for life started in 1986 with 19 teams that raised $33,000, since then hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised for a cure.  It’s a 24 hour event, where at least one person from a team must be on the track at all time- because cancer never sleeps.

The point of Relay for Life is to remember those we’ve lost to cancer, and to help other currently battling the most important chapter of their life.

They start with the survivors lap, this celebrates those that have beaten their first battle; then they have the Luminaria Ceremony which happens after dark to remember loved one lost to the disease.  Finally, the fight back ceremony where a personal commitment is made from all to never stop fighting for a cure.

Every step taken by Relay for Life is a step helping the American Cancer Society save lives, making more birthdays with every step.

On Tuesday March 6th at 11am the Laplata Relay for life team will be hosting a soup celebration.  A variety of homemade soup, stews, and chilis will be served for as low as 1.00.  Donations are accepted, as are entries for your homemade soups.

There will be baked goods to be served and to be purchased and brought home for your friends and family to enjoy.

So join us for soup, stews, good drinks and excellent company!  We’ll see you there!!


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