Day 197: Go Golfing at Swan Point Golf and Country Club

Golfing at Swan Point is a treat for pro and amateur golfers alike.  It’s a tough course, and by far my favorite in Southern Maryland.  There are plenty of water hazards and beautiful views throughout the course, and the only downside is the drive to get there.

There’s been a few improvements this year, including the upgraded patio at the clubhouse, and I love stopping by for lunch whenever I have the time.

It’s a tough course, with plenty of water hazards simultaneously offering difficult shots and stunning view of the Potomac, and I can’t help but feel a pinch of jealousy when I see some of the beautiful homes dotting the perimeter of the course.  If only I were retired….  This is also a great time of year to visit, the drive to Swan Point is beautiful, and with the trees starting to turn colors and the crisp breeze from the waterfront, I’m trying to get in as much golfing time as possible before the weather turns cold and I pack up the putters for the season.

Swan Point is one of those funny sort of places to putt;  It’s not the most popular or exclusive, but it is without a doubt one of the most rewarding places to enjoy a round of golf.




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