2011 MCA Mustang Grand National Car Show Photos

Labor day weekend saw the Mustang Club of America (MCA) hold their annual Grand National car show right here in Waldorf, MD.  The show was held at Regency Furniture Stadium and saw nearly 500 of the finest Ford Mustangs from around the country show up and participate in the festivities.

If you didn’t make it out to the show you missed a great event and some beautiful cars, but I did manage to stop by and take some photos of some of the cool rides (I also worked as a volunteer and assistant judge for early model concourse-quality cars), so check them out and let me know what you think!

Sorry to have taken down the photos, I just got a call from one of the MCA car owners who was angry that his car was photographed (in a PUBLIC LOCATION)with a visible license plate.  The photo was taken in a public location with no warnings of photography not allowed, but apparently that’s just how antique car owners treat people who admire their vehicle.  Look, just don’t take a picture.

I believe that I had every right to take a photo of a car at a public location, but in the interest of avoiding a lawsuit I’ve removed all of the photos.  Aside from the shitty treatment I’ve gotten from club members, the show itself was tons of fun, for what it’s worth.  I even joined the Mustang Club of America while I was there.  That was apparently $50 wasted, as I wouldn’t have joined if I had known that taking a photo of a car is considered a major transgression.

Apparently Mustang owners can be asshats.  On that note, I’m looking at selling my Mustang.  Anyone interested in a 1965 v8 convertible?  I’d post a photo but I’d hate the next owner to get angry about it.


I got a call from another Shelby owner who was at the show angry because their license plate was visible in a photo I took at the show.  Apparently I may be looking at a lawsuit over it, which I fully believe I will win, but I may be forced to sell my unfinished mustang restoration project in order to pay for my legal fees between now and then.  At this point I am being advised to not speak about the matter further.



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