Day 130: Satisfy Your Inner Nerd at Third Eye Comics in Prince Frederick, MD

There is a distinct possibility that, at one time, I may have owned a couple (thousand) comics.  I know, it’s a shock.  Take a deep breath and get over it.  In  all seriousness though, what kid doesn’t love comics?  Heck, the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of our era are based off of the old illustrations we all remember as kids.

Third Eye Comics is one of the few comic book stores in Southern Maryland.  They started with a shop in Annapolis and expanded to a second location in Prince Frederick this spring.  That’s no small feat given the weak economy, but the credit lies with the owners who understand exactly how to provide an awesome shop with great prices. (I do wish they could supply some cool Doctor Who stuff, but I digress)

Part of their success is their thoroughly awesome website, their Facebook page, and newsletter, which is constantly updated with new releases and special announcements.  Next time you’re in Prince Frederick take a moment and check them out.  I’ll be stopping by soon myself to pick up a Batman shirt or two…..


78 Solomon’s Island Rd South
Prince Frederick, MD



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