Day 123: Leonardtown Criterium Bike Race

The official start times, categories and prize money are now out. Click here to download event flyer with schedule.

This year, the Leonardtown Crit will be the Criterium championship for the Mid-Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association. MABRA is the regional group responsible for bike racing in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.

The course runs right through the square of the county seat for St. Mary’s County. It’s a wonderful setting and very spectator friendly. Restaurants right on the street will be open and serving food so you can watch the racing throughout the day.

For the racers, they get a great 3-turn course. The start/finish line is right in the middle of the square. From there, they proceed towards the water and down a slight hill into what is affectionately termed “The Turn”. It’s a 120-degree turn that abruptly transitions from down to a slight uphill right in the apex of the turn. The big ring climb then opens into a broad straight away past the Leonardtown Fire Department. Two 90-degree turns then bring the course back towards the start/finish line.

Leonardtown has a wonderful square complete with a sound system that will be providing music and race announcing thought the day.

The Leonardtown Crit will offer plenty of excitement for spectators and racers alike.

What is a Criterium? A Criterium, or “crit” for short, is a race held on a short closed-circuit course. The Leonardtown Crit course is ideal in length and configuration. The racers ride laps around the course. A crit emphasizes acceleration and bike handling. It is ideal for spectators and can be very exciting to watch.


May 15th, 2011, 8am


22735 Washington St
Leonardtown, MD 20650



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