Day 76: Babycakes: The Best Cupcakes in Southern Maryland!

Last month I got an email from Shannon Koprivich-Jones, owner and operator of Babycakes, a cupcake-maker based out of White Plains MD.  Shannon and I chatted a bit and she offered to send me over a batch of her baked goods for me to check out and report back on what I thought.

Shannon’s company is delivery based; there is no store front shop to stop by and visit… yet.  She was gracious enough to deliver a dozen cupcakes to my office for quality testing, naturally.  The response among the agents in my office was outstanding.  within 15 minutes, all I was left with was crumbs!

I managed to snag one of these delicious little cupcakes before they disappeared, and I’m here to tell you, first hand, that I have yet to try a better little treat!  There’s a couple of things that really set Babycakes apart from the competition. First, Babycakes bakes their cupcakes without preservatives.  They won’t last long in the open air, but given how delicious they are, I don’t think that’s a problem.  Second, the frosting that they use is to DIE for!  I have no idea how they make such an incredible frosting for their cakes, but experiencing it for yourself is an absolute MUST!

I have a sneaking suspicion that Babycakes is going to be a HUGE hit here in Southern Maryland, it’s a true confectionery nirvana.  Ordering is easy:  Just visit their blog, Will Hustle for Cupcakes, or email them at They also have a facebook fan page which you can check out!

My stomach is already growling just from thinking about Babycakes, I’m hooked, and I bet you will be too!



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