Day 72: See CSM Cause Theatre’s Laundry and Bourbon

College of Southern Maryland’s (CSM) Cause Theatre is performing their current production, Laundry and Bourbon, at the Black Box Theatre on the CSM La Plata Campus on February 10th-12th, 2011. The play is a one-act comedy, written by James McLure.

Here’s the synopsis, according to the CSM Website:

Welcome to a back porch: Anywhere, USA. It’s a hot summer afternoon in 1974. Elizabeth, Hattie and busy body Amy Lee are folding laundry, drinking bourbon and coke, gossiping, and exchanging insults while awaiting the return of Elizabeth’s wayward husband, Roy, who hasn’t been the same since his return from Vietnam. The constant breeze on this sweltering summer night is not enough to cool down the heat amongst these girls as they compare husbands, bridge club rivalry, infidelity, the introduction of mahjong, how to raise children and how to pick the right door on Monty Hall’s “Let’s Make a Deal”, which is blaring from the television in the background. The stoic optimism and patience Elizabeth shows for her missing Vietnam Veteran husband Roy melts the heart of even these caustic women.

Tickets are only $5, and this looks to be a fantastic production!


February 10th-12th, 2011


College of Southern Maryland, La Plata Campus, Black Box Theatre, Room FA 143

More Information:

CSM Cause Theatre Website



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