Day 70: Visit the Prime Street Grille in White Plains, MD

The Prime Street Grille is a fabulous restaurant in a less than fabulous location. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing BAD about the geography of the place, just the history.

In it’s previous life, the location was once known as a bar called Tailgates, and then later Rednecks. It lived up to the names, and the crowd was exactly what your would expect. Let’s just say that the toilet-bowl “planters” by the front doors didn’t help it’s image.

All that has changed, however, and Prime Street Grille aspires to be a genuinely classy place. With class comes price, apparently, and while i would be remiss to call Prime Street affordable (a 10oz. filet is priced at $31), it’s without a doubt delicious.

What I love about PSG is the classy, yet laid back atmosphere.  While the steaks are expensive, the cuts are excellent and consistently tender.  The seared tuna and Rockfish bites make excellent appetizers and if you want to stay within a budget, a half pound burger with all of the toppings will set you back about $9.

Quite often I find myself here with a private event or party being hosted and catered here, and the customer service has always been exceptional as well; a welcome change of pace from most Waldorf establishments.  If you’re looking for an upscale location for a romantic dinner or a quiet place to get a great steak in Southern Maryland, this is the spot!


Phone  301-392-0510


4680 Crain Hwy
White Plains, MD. 20695



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