Day 47: Find Knitting Nirvana at Crazy For Ewe in Leonardtown & La Plata

I know absolutely nothing about knitting.  In fact, I probably know less than nothing.  What I do know is that Crazy for Ewe is a specialty knitting shop that seems to carry a million different types of yarns and accessories that I never knew even existed.  What I saw as nothing more than a cute little store front turned out to be the perfect place for my wife to buy a holy fortune in yarn.

I figured knitting materials consisted primarily of the cheap little bundles of yarn and needles I see down that aisle of Wal-Mart that I always pass over.  Apparently I am sadly misinformed, according to my wife.  After 30 minutes in the shop (and a rather large bill), she had managed to find a few knitting books, alpaca wool, merino wool, and cashmere.  I have no idea what merino wool and cashmere even is, but it sounded expenensive.  CASH-mere, indeed; At least the name is honest.

They also offer classes (details are available on their website), and several different knitting groups that you can join. They currently have 2 store locations, one in Leonardtown and the other in La Plata.

I had no idea that knitting was so popular, but at this rate the annual household knitting bill could turn out to be very painful, indeed.  I’m hoping that introducing my wife to the shop softens the blow next time I go shopping at Oldtown Automobile!


22715 Washington Street
Leonardtown, MD 20650


6 St. Mary’s Avenue
La Plata, MD 20646


Wednesday-Saturday 10-5
Wednesdays 10-9
Closed Sunday-Monday



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