Day 46: Check Out The Antique Cars for Sale in Huntingtown, MD

Hot rods and classic cars are the ultimate big kid’s toy.  It’s innately cool to own a classic muscle car, it reminds people of a bygone era, when gas guzzlers were cool and engine size was a standard form of measurement for the macho crowd.  There’s nothing like owning a classic car, a vehicle you car really tinker with in the garage, free of the complicated computer-based automotive management systems that plague modern vehicles and force owners to send their car to the dealership every time a problem comes up.

Oldtown Automobile in Huntingtown, MD is a car dealership that specializes in antique cars and memorabilia.  Their showroom is over 7,000, and every time I walk through the doors I feel like a kid in a candy shop.  From Camaros to Street Rods, they’ve got a great variety of cars looking for new owners.  They also sell some of the best “man-cave” accessories you can find, from neon clocks to antique gas pumps.  My bank account shudders if I’m left in their shop unsupervised.

The next time you’re in Huntingtown, you should go check them out.  Their store is only open on Friday and Saturday from 10am-5pm, but their entire inventory can be found on their website.


3921 Old Town Road
Huntingtown, Maryland 20639


Ph: 301.855.9029 or 410.414.2436



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