Day 39: Go Ice Skating in Waldorf, MD

Old man winter brings more than just snow and school closings with him each year. Winter sports, such as ice skating and hockey are also staples, and while it “tis the season”, so to speak, you don’t have to wait for the weather to take advantage of these traditionally seasonal activities.

Instead, you can just head to Waldorf and enjoy the Capitol Clubhouse. The Clubhouse hosts an NHL sized ice rink and boasts year round events as well as a pro shop for all of your skate needs.

In addition to the rinks, they also have an indoor rock climbing wall, a 24 hour gym, a small arcade, and more.  They also host Jazzercise classes, if you’re so inclined, I personally am not.

You can check out their website at for hours, directions, etc.  Hope you enjoy the clubhouse as much as I do!

(Photo by Craig42k via flickr)



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