Day 36: Take a Polar Bear Plunge on January 1st in North Beach, MD

You may or may not be familiar with a polar bear plunge, but I’ll give you a brief explanation. A Polar Bear plunge is where a couple dozen (or hundred, depending on how little common sense you and your friends have) people get together in the middle of winter and decide to go swimming.

It’s completely absurd. It has no medical value that I know of and it’s probably not a very good idea if you’re in less than great shape. If you stay in too long, your body could go into shock, and before you do it the organizers are probably going to make you sign a waiver releasing them of all liability.

The plunge on January 1st will be taking place on the beach in North Beach at 1pm. Get there early to sign the waivers, and at 1pm the lunatics (like myself) who are crazy enough to tread into the frigid January waters will take off down the beach and into the icy cold.

Supporters, curiosity seekers and others who are too smart to jump into a frozen river will be able to watch from the pier and shout words of encouragement, heckle the swimmers and take photos of the merriment. I plan on being there (in the water, just look for the guy with the blue tinted skin), and I hope to see you guys too!



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