Day 30: Texas Ribs and BBQ in Waldorf, MD

I’ve eaten here too many times to count, so it’s high time I say something about this place and give them a shout out. Texas Ribs and BBQ is a tasty little place and in my opinion they’ve got the best ribs in Waldorf, MD.

I could go on and on about their ribs, but I decided to stray away from the restaurant’s staple and venture a little deeper into their menu selections. This time I out I went for the “Texas ChiliMac” and a Barbecue pork sandwich. The pork was outstanding, but I was left a little disappointed by the Chilimac.

Texas BBQ Chilimac

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad, but it was very different than what I expected. It tasted great, but the chili was a little too runny, and the “mac” was spaghetti noodles rather than your typical macaroni.  It did have plenty of flavor though, especially with the jalapenos on top.

One of my favorite things about eating here is that the food is affordable.  A barbecue sandwich, fries and a drink runs less than $10.  That’s even better for people with a large family, because eating out in Waldorf can quickly become an expensive proposition!

So here’s the deal:  If you’re going to a rib joint, order the damn ribs. I love the ribs, the Barbecue is outstanding as well, and I particularly love the ambiance, with the cowboy styled walls and bar. Next time I want chili, though, I’m heading to Hard Times Cafe.

Texas BBQ in Waldorf, MD

This is delicious!


106 Smallwood Village Ctr
Waldorf, MD 20602



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