Day 29: Enjoy the first Snowfall of the Winter Season

Well, the first snowfall of the season is finally upon us. While we are fortunate that the weather is nothing like the snowmageddon we saw last year, we are expected to see a few inches of accumulation this time around, and for kids in Southern Maryland, that can only me one thing: Snowball fights and sledding!

Here’s the rub though: I have dogs, not kids. My sledding days are long behind me, and I have no idea where the best sledding spots are in Southern Maryland. The only place that comes to mind for me is Cecil Park in Valley Lee, but that’s pretty far south in St. Mary’s County.

So I need you guys to tell me where your best (safe) spots are in the region to go sledding. Do you have a place you take the kids each year when the snow starts to fall? Let us know and we will post the information here for everyone to share!

Cecil Park Map Information:

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