Day 24: Visit A Christmas Tree Farm in Southern Maryland

One of the most vivid memories I have of Christmas from my childhood was the year my father decided to visit a tree farm to find the annual holiday tree.  The experience was like none other.  We all piled into the truck, drove to a local tree farm, and set about weaving through row after row of potential holiday centerpieces.

The experience remains vivid in my mind.  Armed with a saw and bundled up against the cold, crisp morning air, we debated every imaginable option, trying to find the perfect balance of height, fullness and shape.  The snow on the ground was slushy and thick, and the smell of fresh pine trees was overwhelming.

It took almost an hour to choose our tree, and what seemed like ages to cut it down and haul it back to the truck, but it was undeniably ours.  That year we didn’t leave the discovery of our beloved tree to the local roadside salesman.  We found it, we cut it down, and we brought it home.  It became more than just a symbol of the season; it was now a symbol of my family’s time and effort together, and every time I saw that tree I was reminded of that morning I spent with my family, my 8-year old arms exhausted from the saw we carried with us.

These days I tend to go for a tree of the synthetic variety. pulled from the attic each year rather than the field.  While setting decorations upon my faux tree, I remembered that year we found our own, and I found myself secretly wishing for the chance to find a tree like the one we had as a child.

Fortunately, there is a local tree farm where you can do just that.  In Mechanicsville, MD lies Friendship Forest, a Christmas tree farm that is open seasonally from Thanksgiving to Christmas eve.  They’re open on weekends, from 9-4 on Saturday and noon-4 on Sunday.  I can guarantee, from personal experience, that visiting a tree farm as a child was an exceptionally memorable opportunity, and one I will be eternally grateful for.

If you haven’t gotten your tree already, hop to it and buy this years tree directly from a tree farm.  Friendship Forest is a great place to do it, and they’re located at 41370 Friendship Ct., Mechanicsville, MD 20659.  If you’ve gotten your tree from them, share a comment with us and tell us what you thought of the experience!



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