Day 12: Indian Head Rail Trail in Charles County, MD

The Indian Head Rail Trail is my absolute favorite trail in Charles County.  Seriously.  It’s just over 13 miles long, and while it’s a beautiful trail, I really love it because it’s a prime example of smart development here in Southern Maryland.

The trail was at one time a railroad line to the Naval Base in Indian Head MD.  When the Navy decommissioned the line, they donated the land to Charles County.  The county then sold the metal for scrap and used the revenue to build and pave the trail.  It ended up with a budget surplus, so residents gained the trail with no taxpayer expense.

The trail itself starts off in White Plains and Ends in Indian Head.  On the Indian Head side there is an awesome little kayak rental shop and a beautiful waterfront view.  Instead of taking your morning jog through your neighborhood, jump in the car and check out the trail.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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