Day 11: Hard Times Cafe in Waldorf, MD

I went down to Hard Times Cafe in Waldorf, MD today to check out their Chili and play a round or two of pool.  The term “cafe” is a bit generous here but I don’t really mind because the beer is cold, the chili is tasty, and there’s plenty of pool tables.

Hard Times has really been a perfect addition to both Waldorf and Southern Maryland.  Their chili menu has 4 different types of chili, and while I would personally recommend the Cincinnati style chili with cinnamon, the spicy Terlingua is also an excellent option.

As much as I like the food the real reason I come here is for the pool tables.  It’s a great place to go out with friends, shoot a few rounds of pool and watch the sports games on the big screen TV’s. They also run great events, including Karaoke, poker, etc.  Next time you’re out looking for something to do in Southern Maryland, I highly recommend checking them out!



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