Day 10: Hot Licks Guitar Shop in Waldorf, MD

Anyone who has lived in Southern Maryland for a long time is probably familiar with Hot Licks Guitar Shop in Waldorf, MD.  Hot Licks started out as a tiny little storefront on 301 and has since moved into a much larger location on Old Washington Rd in Waldorf and they have also opened a second shop in Prince Frederick, MD.

Their shop in Waldorf is huge, and they’ve got a great selection of guitars, basses, drums, band equipment, and pro audio gear.  Sure, you could drive out 30+ miles to Guitar Center, but Hot Licks is competitive on prices and let’s face it:  It makes a lot more sense to buy local from local business owners than it does from some national chain.

I used to play guitar many years ago, so I loved seeing some of the axes they had on the walls, but the coolest guitar they have there is a replica of Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein Guitar.  For a mere $19,000 it could be yours!  I’m not that rich, and that’s probably a good thing, because buying a guitar like that is the stuff that divorce is made of.



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