Day 9: Bert’s 50’s Diner in Mechanicsville, MD

Bert’s 50’s Diner is a tribute to a sadly bygone era.  It’s impossible to miss the iconic hot rod perched on top of the building or the over-sized jukebox that serves as the entrance.  Once inside, the diner is a predictable but fun throwback to the 50’s complete with photos of antique cars, checkered floors, formica table tops, the whole 9 yards.

The food is exactly what you would expert.  Traditional, classic American fare.  It’s tasty, the portions are very large, and they have excellent milkshakes.  The coolest part of Bert’s is probably the people who visit.  It’s not out of the ordinary to see an impromptu car show in the parking lot, a mixture of muscle cars, hot rods, and other examples of classic American motoring.

I’ve been known to show up in my old Mustang from time to time, and pulling into the parking lot never fails to bring a smile to my face.  It’s great to see a kids jaw drop when they see (or hear) a classic car roll into Bert’s.  Even the adults appreciate it.  Next time you’re in Mechanicsville, come hungry, and you’ll definitely leave happy.

photo courtesy of Craig42k via Flickr



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